What is the 21-day Real Food Reset?

The 21-Day Real Food Reset is 3-week, real-food based coaching program where I help you find the joy in eating real foods and kick your sugar and carb cravings naturally. There are no required supplements, shakes, pills or powders. This program is not about deprivation or yo-yo dieting, it's all about providing you with the mindset shift and sustainable habits you need to be in control of your food choices in the long run.

Why should you need a coach?

Eliminating sugar, inflammatory oils, and refined foods can be a challenging feat.  If it were easy, you would have done it by now!

As your coach, I will hold you accountable and provide you with my tips and strategies to successfully stay away from sugar when it may be calling your name. I am uniquely equipped to offer personalized nutrition advice to fit your individual health needs and lifestyle.  

I'm experienced

As a Certified Nutritionist with a holistic nutrition education from Bastyr University with a MS Nutrition degree to prove it, I am highly qualified to guide you through this journey of freeing yourself from the sugar handcuffs. I regularly do one-on-one nutritional counseling in Issaquah, WA and online, so you can rest assured that you will be in the hands of an experienced nutritionist with your health and satisfaction being a top priority. Having eliminated sugar myself, I know just how hard it can be. The sugar-eating candida bugs in my gut that were calling for sugar all the time were taking over my life and my limited store of will-power. Eliminating sugar completely helped me take control of my eating choices so now I make indulgences on my own terms.

i'm local

As a "real foodie", my hobby and passion is to seek out real, wholesome foods in my local region. As a lucky resident of the Pacific Northwest (PNW), I've come to know many delicious farms, markets, specialty stores, restaurants and cafes that will help you be successful during your challenge.

I participated in Anisa’s Program and learned a wealth of information. Not only was I able to figure out how to reduce the amount of sugar my body needed, I also learned how to properly fuel my body. Because of this, my kids (well, at least my oldest) has taken a great interest in nutrition and is very aware of how sugar and carbs affects how your body functions and thinks. I highly recommend this program!
— Geneveive

Next Coaching Group Begins: January 2019

pricing and options

Online Group 21-Day Real Food Reset                       $169

In my online coaching groups, you can expect to share your journey with 4-10 participants. This group will be in contact through my online client portal and we will have scheduled weekly group conference calls.

This includes:

  • 4 group coaching sessions via Zoom

  • 3 weekly individual 15-minute phone calls to discuss personal challenges and successes

  • Access to my Practice Better client portal including Food and Lifestyle Journals

  • Weekly modules to help you stay on track

  • Unlimited online support

 If you would like to set up a group detox with your coworkers or social group please email me for inquiries. I can offer a discount if you get a group of 5+ together!

1-on-1 Real Food Reset Online CoachinG          

In a personalized online nutrition visit with me,  we will discuss details more specific to you and your family. This includes:

  • Four (4) 45-min phone visits for private coaching and to discuss personal barriers and successes

  • Lifetime access to my Private 21DSD Facebook Support Group

  • Meal planning and recipe assistance

One-on-One 21-Day Sugar Detox - in person            

In a personalized nutrition visit with me at my Issaquah location,  we will discuss details more specific to you and your family. This option may be covered by your insurance so if you have nutrition benefits (most do), this may be a good option for you. Note that this is the cash price set by the office. Please see my Nutrition Counseling page to see if I'm in-network with your insurance. This includes:

  • Four (4) 1-hour in-office visits for coaching and to discuss barriers and successes

  • Lifetime access to my Private Facebook Support Group

  • Meal planning and recipe assistance

Anisa provided all the support and information I needed to make the 21 Day Sugar Detox a success for me and my fellow participants. I lost 10 pounds without ever going hungry. I felt leaner and more healthy. Most importantly it provided a workable blueprint for eating healthy in the future.
— Tom
She enabled me to lose thirty pounds while still breastfeeding, and my blood work looks phenomenal. Pretty amazing work!
— Jacky
I was Anisa Woodall’s client during the spring and summer of 2016. She is truly a pleasure to have as my nutritionist. Anisa is a professional Nutritionist of the highest caliber, who meticulously commits to providing the highest level of care to her clients. As my Nutritionist, she has personally helped me lose 25 pounds within five months. I am extremely impressed with my results, and all my friends and family are ecstatic. She is able, competent in both wellness and nutrition and I highly recommend working with her.
— Leyla
Feeling like myself again! Thank goodness. Even though I’ve been counting down to the last day of this detox for a while, I almost don’t want it to end. The holidays are right around the corner - Halloween candy, potlucks, Christmas cookies, pies, and eggnog. I know myself well enough to know that I will be challenged to not accept pieces, slices, sips, and scoops of all the above. I have learned to hit the pause button before I just eat something without thinking about what that food will feel like in my body and how it will affect my energy levels and long term heath goals. It is very challenging to forego instant gratification in lieu of long term health goals.

The 21 DSD has cleared the way for me to run at top speed. I didn’t waste any time or energy craving foods, I didn’t waste any time or energy recovering from poor food choices, and I didn’t waste any time or energy trying to stick to a strict program. I learned the parameters set in The 21-Day Sugar Detox book, stocked my fridge and cleaned my pantry, and then enjoyed the wonder of healing foods. It was not even difficult to get buy-in from my family to enjoy and prepare the 21DSD recipes.

My most prevalent takeaways from the program were that it is OK to ask for help, even when you have been feeding yourself for decades. Lifelong patterns of poor food choices as a coping mechanism do not go away overnight and enlisting the help of a qualified nutritionist has been extremely beneficial to sticking to my long term health goals.

Sugar cravings are reigned in rather quickly once the sugar is removed and replaced with healthy whole foods. This is hard for a skeptic to believe but it only takes a few days to see how well it works. It gave me my control over food choice back in short order.

So far the 21 DSD has been over for about two weeks and I have not changed my new eating habits all that much. I feel incorporating the program into my everyday way of eating feels like a great fit for me and leaves me very hopeful for the future.

With heartfelt thanks,
— Katy
My Diabetes Type 2 has already improved in the past three weeks, much to my surprise and delight!
— Contessa
I highly recommend Coach Anisa! My husband and I were part of her group in April and during our detox she was able to answer all of our questions and give us the tools necessary to continue eating whole foods even after the 21 days. During the 21 days my skin improved as well as my mood. Anyone wanting to overcome their sugar addiction should join a 21dsd group with Anisa!
— Sara
Anisa is a professional and competent nutritionist who has been of great help to me in my quest to understand how food choices affect my overall health. I really appreciate how she listens to my needs and makes suggestions that fit my lifestyle. The depth of her knowledge is impressive and her dedication to wellness inspiring. She encouraged me through the process of detoxing from sugar by helping me understand its negative impact on my body as well as offering many tips and ideas for alternative choices. I would highly recommend her services to others interested in learning to nourish themselves in a healthy and loving way.
— Eilleen
My experience with Anisa and the 21 Day Sugar Detox was really insightful. The tools that are given with the detox make it really easy to stay the course. My favorite part was having access to hundreds of recipes, so things never got boring. I’m not perfect and struggled a little, but meeting up once a week was an excellent way to to help me get back on track. Now that the 21 day sugar detox is over, I feel like it’s just the beginning. I’m excited to implement what I learned still into my day-to-day routine. I would highly recommend this program for anyone feeling like their in a rut and need to make a change. It’s an overall very positive experience and promotes well-being and self care.
— Larissa
This 21DSD was just what I needed to help keep me moving forward to a healthier way of life and understanding of the foods that are out there. The amount of communication Anisa provided was great (FB/email/phone) the help was there if you needed it.
— Tammie