You’re in! Here are some resources to get you prepared!

1. Purchase your Daily Guide

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide takes you day-by-day through Diane Sanfilippo's 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) program. In addition to my individualized coaching, you'll learn what to expect each day of the Detox, from how your body might be responding to how you might be feeling mentally.


Inside you'll find:

  • Meal prep tips and tricks to make cooking easier

  • Motivational moments to keep you going

  • Journal space to track your experience and progress

  • More than 50 mouthwatering recipes that won't leave you feeling deprived

    … and so much more!


Optional: Online Membership + Daily Guide Book


 For additional resources like digital PDF guides and online program rules, you may choose to purchase the book in addition to the online membership program.

Click the image to the right for this option or other bundle options with some of the older (but still useful!) 21DSD books.


If you’d like some additional 21DSD recipes and meal plans, check out the older books below. Diane’s other books, Practical Paleo and Keto Quick Start both have 21DSD-friendly recipes as well!


2. Stock Your Pantry

Paleo by Maileo has created a starter kit especially for the 21DSD program! Filled with sugar free/Paleo essentials, this Starter Kit is here to help relieve some of the stress that comes with changing your diet. Click here to check out the starter kit.


Check your local grocery store for specialty items such as coconut aminos and avocado-oil mayo. If you cannot find them near you, order online on Thrive Market, which has tons of pantry staples to choose from. 

If you'd prefer to purchase the Balanced Bites 21DSD spice mixes instead of make them from recipes in the Daily Guide, you can purchase them from Kasandrinos here.

Use code: ANISA at checkout for 10% OFF

4. All  your 21DSD Resources 


Through my Practice Better platform, you have the unique opportunity to have access to food and lifestyle journals to keep track of your progress. I can also send you tasks and reminders to help keep you on track! This is where we will be completing our video calls if you’ve enrolled in the 1-On-1 coaching.


Check out a ton of free 21DSD resources by Diane, creator of the 21DSD program (recipes, podcasts, recommended products and brands, links to great blogs, 1-page guides, Success log downloads, and recipes) on her website here


Amazing resource! Find just about any type of meal, snack, or modification you are looking for! See the official 21DSD Pinterest page here.

Check out the recipes I've curated on my own Pinterest page here.


Follow me on Instagram @anisawoodallnutrition and please post your meals if you'd like and tag with #21DSD and #21DSDCoachAnisa to see what others are posting in the wider community!


Like my Facebook Page and please like and comment if you like something, of course! I love to share tutorials and inspiration.

Okay, that's all for now! See you on our first call!

You’ve got this,

Anisa Woodall, MS CN

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