Food without fat is like life without love
— Modern proverb


Anisa Woodall is a Northern California native born to Iranian-American parents. From an early age Anisa was fascinated with food, sometimes sneaking fresh veggies into her bed in the middle of the night. Over the years she experimented with various eating patterns to see what made her feel her best. She always believed in the "food as medicine" principle, so, when being diagnosed with a chronic infection, she successfully utilized food to support her treatment. Having a deep love for all things movement, she played almost every sport.  Engaging in intense strength and conditioning (coached by her father a Doctor of Physical Therapy), Anisa quickly realized how food affects athletic performance. With such a love of food and exercise, she decided to share her passion with others and help them live, feel and perform better.

Anisa moved to the Seattle area in 2011 and has fallen in love with the Northwest. On her free time, Anisa enjoys cooking, rock climbing, serving her community and spending time with her husband, Dr. Mark Woodall, adventuring outdoors and learning what it means to be more human. She is also fluent in Spanish and Farsi.


Anisa holds a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from Bastyr University, the leading institution in natural health sciences. Though nutrition is a key player in attaining optimal health, exercise and strength training can help you reach your health goals faster. With a Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science, Anisa is qualified to provide exercise prescriptions to complement any nutritional plan.  To further improve the well-being of her community, Anisa became a 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach; she holds regular individual and group detoxes.

For for almost 4 years, Anisa worked as a Licensed Massage Practitioner at Kirkland Life Chiropractic and Massage. Through this work, Anisa has witnessed how food and movement directly impact the body. 


Practicing from an integrative and functional medicine perspective, Anisa keeps the whole body in mind when providing sustainable and practical nutrition and fitness solutions for her patients. Knowing every patient has a different story, a different lifestyle, and individual nutritional needs, she helps patients make informed decisions that fit their lifestyle. Anisa believes whole foods are the best option when treating through diet, though will recommend supplements as needed. To better serve you, she seeks to work with your healthcare team, bridging the gap between Western/allopathic medicine and natural medicine.