Food without fat is like life without love
— Modern proverb

If you think that:

  • The only way to get the body you want is through restricting all your favorite foods

  • You need to eat low-fat in order to be healthy

  • You need to spend hours on a treadmill to lose body fat

  • Eating animals is contributing to chronic disease and climate change


Then you’re in the right place.

I too once believed that I needed to avoid animal foods and fat and run 5 miles a day in order to be fit, healthy and vital.  The problem was that, no matter how much I tried to get my nutrition from only plants and low-fat foods, I was still EXHAUSTED and sick, despite being skinny. Because being skinny means you’re healthy, right? Wrong!

Once I learned about how the human body actually interacts with the nutrients in our food and how our food interacts with the environment, I finally understood why I felt like I was living in a fog, sleeping 12+ hours a day and still waking up tired. You see, even though I was doing everything “right”, or as our diet culture wanted me to think, I was sleeping through my classes and was just too fatigued to do the things I loved: rock climbing, running, and weightlifting.


Finally after 7 years of being vegetarian (with the very occasional fish), I decided I had to be open to changing my diet, especially because that was my area of study. Within 3 months, I had improved energy, mental clarity, memory, and digestion. I no longer had to study for hours on end to remember information I learned yesterday and had the vitality to move my body how I wanted to. I realized what it feels like to feel WELL! And once I was diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease, I felt like a million bucks, and still do 6 years later!

 Do you want to have the vitality to do the activities you love with your friends and family while ALSO enjoying the foods that make you feel best?


I’m here to dispel these myths and show you how to become your healthiest you without feeling deprived.

I want you to receive the pleasure and nourishment you desire from food while doing what is right for the sustainability of our environment.

It’s true, being healthy these days feels really hard. But it doesn’t have to be! I can’t wait to show you just how simple cooking real food can be.

As a real food nutritionist, I believe that nature provides everything we need to be healthy. When food is raised and grown thoughtfully, then cooked simply with nature’s beautiful flavors, it can be an amazing thing both for our health and our environment! I will show you how this can be done right at home with minimal cooking experience and little time!

Hi, I’m Anisa Woodall.

I’m a real-food nutritionist whose life’s purpose is to empower women to live, eat and move with intention and confidence. In addition to my work, I enjoy cooking (and eating), gardening, and adventuring in nature. I received my Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Bastyr University, the leading institution in natural health sciences.

I’m both experienced and qualified to help you create your healthy life from the inside-out. 


See what Some of my clients have to say!

She enabled me to lose thirty pounds while still breastfeeding, and my blood work looks phenomenal. Pretty amazing work!

— Jacky


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