CHOMP! Farm-to-table festival

Last weekend we attended the first annual CHOMP! farm-to-table festival at Redmond's Marymoor Park presented by King County Parks and PCC Natural Markets. Our friend who has had a garden plot at the Marymoor Community Garden for 15 years told me about it since she was going to be volunteering for the event. After she told me about it, It sounded like the kind of event that's just my style: farmers, food, and fun.

We arrived while it was raining and because us Seattleites haven't seen rain in a while, I think some were hesitant to step outside. Attendance wasn't as high as I expected but when the sky cleared up, it picked up a bit.  We had a wonderful time exploring all the different booths. Our favorites were the "Plant your own winter salad" activity, the farmers spread and the Community Garden (of course).

Our self-planted winter salads with kale, beets and chard

Our self-planted winter salads with kale, beets and chard

The farmers had a beautiful spread exemplifying the ideal Pacific Northwest (PNW) harvest. 


The following gallery shows a bit of our day spent at CHOMP! As you might notice, most of my photos were taken in the garden because veggies really just are so beautiful. I love nature!